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Change Mooc Week 2 Content

Fascinating content relating to large scale mobile learning at the Open University of Malaysia.


Mobile Learning

About a year ago, I remember thinking mobile learning was out of reach to all except those that had developers at hand to deal with the coding nitty gritty.

I don’t feel that way any more, and as our library has been using SMS for years, I guess we’ve already moved into basic mobile use.

The opportunities offered by tools such as Softchalk make creation of mobile content a scoosh, and we’re also looking at Captivate 5 for more graphic based content.

I don’t feel we have the time to research equivalence, i.e. how many students have smartphones, but is this any reason not to try it? An obvious problem was access: how do students access quickly on a mobile, and without the godawful process of logging in? Answer for now is a private website outside of the organisational VLE. IPR issues I guess, but seamless if academic has an OER outlook.

So where’s the beef? Scan the QR code below to have a look at a short formative assessment piece for hairdressing students. This is only a bite of learning, but time taken to set it up was less than an hour including packaging of questions.

It’s very, very do-able.


End of orientation week, already feeling a sense of trepidation about the sheer volume of conversation in the places I usually go; twitter, facebook, blogs.
Next week will focus on the specialist content, and start following some of those who intend (and have already started) to aggregate content. Spotted one or two already, who are generally busy and spot quality resources.
Looking forward to seeing how the dynamic changes as things progress. Happy days.

Personal Objectives

Nosing about on Twitter this morning I noticed that some people have posted quite specific goals about their objectives for taking part in this course. I don’t want to make things too specific, mostly due to the fact that my expectations are quite fuzzy at this point. However, I do have some general aims:

  • evaluate if participation in a mooc is beneficial for me professionally
  • review my personal learning network, and hopefully learn from others about tools and networking
  • write up the experience as a piece of personal research, no matter what the outcomes
  • consider the possibility of creating a sooc (small online open course)

That’s enough for a start.


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