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Mobile Learning

About a year ago, I remember thinking mobile learning was out of reach to all except those that had developers at hand to deal with the coding nitty gritty.

I don’t feel that way any more, and as our library has been using SMS for years, I guess we’ve already moved into basic mobile use.

The opportunities offered by tools such as Softchalk make creation of mobile content a scoosh, and we’re also looking at Captivate 5 for more graphic based content.

I don’t feel we have the time to research equivalence, i.e. how many students have smartphones, but is this any reason not to try it? An obvious problem was access: how do students access quickly on a mobile, and without the godawful process of logging in? Answer for now is a private website outside of the organisational VLE. IPR issues I guess, but seamless if academic has an OER outlook.

So where’s the beef? Scan the QR code below to have a look at a short formative assessment piece for hairdressing students. This is only a bite of learning, but time taken to set it up was less than an hour including packaging of questions.

It’s very, very do-able.



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