Mobile Learning

About a year ago, I remember thinking mobile learning was out of reach to all except those that had developers at hand to deal with the coding nitty gritty.

I don’t feel that way any more, and as our library has been using SMS for years, I guess we’ve already moved into basic mobile use.

The opportunities offered by tools such as Softchalk make creation of mobile content a scoosh, and we’re also looking at Captivate 5 for more graphic based content.

I don’t feel we have the time to research equivalence, i.e. how many students have smartphones, but is this any reason not to try it? An obvious problem was access: how do students access quickly on a mobile, and without the godawful process of logging in? Answer for now is a private website outside of the organisational VLE. IPR issues I guess, but seamless if academic has an OER outlook.

So where’s the beef? Scan the QR code below to have a look at a short formative assessment piece for hairdressing students. This is only a bite of learning, but time taken to set it up was less than an hour including packaging of questions.

It’s very, very do-able.


6 Responses to “Mobile Learning”

  1. 1 dmaclean2011 September 23, 2011 at 9:29 am

    We have many talented and innovative people at the College who embrace technology and try and use it to enhance the student experience. In this particular case, it’s Paula Muir of our Hairdressing department. Paula surveyed her students this week, and of the 21 in the class, 19 have Smartphones capable of scanning QR codes, and they are all keen to download a free QR code scanner and get going. Looking forward to receiving feedback from students later this semester about the use of such content.

  2. 2 dmaclean2011 September 23, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    Apologies to anyone who scanned the barcode this morning and received a 404, the content was moved without my knowledge, now in its permanent home!

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